piatok 27. mája 2011

Thanks for good collaboration.

Dear friends from Poland.
Thanks for your work and collaboration. We wish you nice summer holidays.
Your friends from Slovakia

streda 25. mája 2011

We are making film

We finished the project. At the end we made a videofilm. We have read a legend about the castle Beckov how the jester became the castle master and we decided to make a short film about this story. Firstly we wrote dialogues, then prepared requisitions and wardrobes and we were filming and taking photos

It was really funny and interesting work.

How the jester became the castle master

This is the legend about the castle called Beckov.The jester who saved the master when they were hunting got the castle for it.

streda 27. apríla 2011

AND THE WINNER IS..............................

Look at the winners and their prizes!!!!
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Some more actors and their main roles:).....
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Next each team acted one favourite scene from the book,we had a great fun while watching...
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Have a look at the JURY! They were realy nice.We had to answer the questions connected with the read book ALICE IN WONDERLAND as we had to prove who knows best!
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Here you can admire the posters presented by different teams of four from each primary school!
We were really surprised by our friends imagination .Our poster is the one on the left with a big mushroom and Alice sitting on the left.
We hope you will like it!
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On the 7th of April we organised a competition connected with reading books, we have chosen Alice in Wonderland
On this picture you can seen our headmaster who welcomes all the guests from seven primary schools from our region.
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štvrtok 10. marca 2011

Reading is funny

Dear Polish friends !
March is the Month of books. So we had a very nice and interesting activity at school library.We spent a very beautiful time with different books here through English lesson of eTwinning. Each of us chose one book, read it, some of us were reading a short text aloud. That was pleasant. Finally we spoke about the books. We took some photos for you . And we are preparing the posters of this activity.

Slovak team

H. Repaská